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ability to notify a team member who created a test if the test fails

Currently in mabl, plan reports are being sent via email in daily or weekly basis. If multiple team members are working on tests and if a test fails, it's difficult/additional work to go over the report to find who created the test.

As a test creator(team member), the team member should be notified that the test is failing.

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  • Mar 21 2022
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    Thomas Lavin commented
    21 Mar 05:04pm

    Hi Jagruthi, if your team uses Slack today you may be able to achieve something similar to this workflow.

    Although it isn't possible to alert by test label, you can use the Slack integration to alert on failures for specific plan labels. If you were to label plan "Jagruthi", for example, the Slack integration could also be configured to send plan runs with the label "Jagruthi" to a private channel. Additionally, you can also set up the Slack integration to @ you, thus triggering a notification, whenever it sends.

    Unfortunately, this isn't possibe to report on individual test statuses today, however. Here are more details in our docs: https://help.mabl.com/docs/slack

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