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Assert against multiple strings or variables within the same element using [contains]

Currently, when selecting to make an assertion on an element, the user can select to assert if the [inner text] [contains] : {string} or {variable}. However, this will take all input text and check if the element [contains] the input text as one single string.

Example: If I were to input "check this string" in to the assertion, it would assert that the element contained "check this string". It would not check if the element contained "check", "this", and "string".

It would be nice to have some way to have the assertion check multiple strings or words to ensure the element contains them all.

This could possibly be accomplished through the use of boolean operators, or through the use of additional text inputs in the MABL trainer (with add/remove buttons or icons) so that multiple, separate strings/variables can be asserted against.


This could possibly also be applied to other assertion targets, but I personally have only really noticed an impact with [contains].

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  • Mar 14 2022
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