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An Option to Lock Flows from Being Changed/Saved

As a QA engineer, I would like a setting on a Flow that prevents it from being saved/updated from within the mabl tester, but allowing the Test Case (and other Flows) to be saved. Ignore saving a Flow that has this option checked. Currently because the variable changes and triggers a save on the Flow, we are at version 129 when it is really around 10 for Actual changes.

E.g. We set a variable before a Flow that is being used in 50 Test Cases. The variable is for a DealNumber that changes for each Test Case, all of steps are the same for each Test but the DealNumber changes, hence the variable. Every time the variable changes, the Flow accepts the new value and thinks the Flow has changed (as the value did indeed change but it being a Non-Static variable it should not be saved in the Flow).

Also, if ML-I-405 were to be implemented, the Flow could then be edited using "Quick Edit", as opposed to turning the setting on and off to make necessary edits to the Flow. If Flows allowed "Quick Edit" and "Launch Trainer" that would best.

  • Vincent McSorley
  • Jan 24 2022
  • For Consideration
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  • Guest commented
    16 Mar 03:28pm

    Branches don't help when it comes to involontary flow updates. When you update your test as per Vincent's scenario the flow gets updated.

    By adding the option it allows only for willingful changes to be saved.

  • Jessica Mosley commented
    15 Mar 02:39pm

    This is needed. I think branches is kinda where they were thinking this would be solved but this is much more straightforward.

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