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Please support basic HTTP auth for local deployments via quick-edit window run trigger

When making quick edits, I'd like to be able to 'run locally' (from the button I circled). But if the test requires basic HTTP auth, the test will fail. If there was a way for a set of credentials to persist when quick editing, it would save the user from having to back out of a screen onto the local run window in order to see if their quick edits were successful.

Since the quick edit window is ALREAY OPEN, the ideal workflow would be to test the edits from within window. Thus if further changes are needed, test step edits can be implemented and checked without closing and re-opening the quick editor.

  • Jonathan Kuehling
  • Dec 13 2021
  • For Consideration
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  • Jessica Mosley commented
    14 Dec, 2021 05:24pm

    I want my tests to be like yours when they grow up same flows used in over 100+ tests?! BRAVO! I just wanted to give kudos on that.

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