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Allow visually differentiating steps via colors

As a test writer, being able to visually distinguish sections of steps at a glance would be very useful for test maintainability. A simple way to accomplish this is to allow steps to be recolored directly - either the step text itself or the step border.

  • John Clubb
  • Nov 3 2021
  • For Consideration
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  • Matt Elder commented
    10 Nov, 2021 04:29pm
    1. I'd love to color the entire step container. (This is Acceptance Criteria 1/ Light Green..This is AC 2 /Light Blue...etc..

    2. Coloring a flow container too would be a quick visual queue to what's happening.

      The current "purplish" color of Flows IS helpful, so I am NOT proposing any changes to that, just perhaps allowing coloring/shading of the entire flow (and keep the border and purple text colors)

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