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Make it so when you duplicate a step the trainer doesn't scroll to where the cursor currently is.

Often times when writing steps you need verify certain steps and fields repeatedly. Mabl has the ability to duplicate steps which is very useful. However when you perform the duplication action it forces the trainer window to scroll to where the cursor currently is. This is quite jarring as then you have to scroll back to where the duplicated step is and find it and make sure you find the desired step. I would suggest that the automatic movement to where the cursor is when performing the duplication should be removed so the user can see the step they just duplicated and can work with it. Another option to consider is to place the duplicated step where the cursor currently is located rather than directly below the step it duplicated since that is most likely where the user will be using the step.

  • Andrew L
  • Nov 3 2021
  • For Consideration
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  • Jessica Mosley commented
    1 Dec, 2021 03:24pm

    This is sorely needed. Duplicated many steps only to duplicate them again because I thought the step was deleted or disappeared due to the scrolling up.

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