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Google Identity aware proxy (IAP)

In our company, we hide our development environments behind a Google Identity aware proxy. This means that in order to access one of these environments, you need to log in to google (with the right permissions of course).

In order to run tests on development environments, we need to disable IAP. We can get around this by sending customised headers via an api request which executes the test runs. But using the test trainer is troublesome.

Yes, I know that the people that use the test trainer can just login to google before starting to train the test, but these people feel that it is unsafe.

I noticed that the chrome browser that is used for test training uses a mabl profile and I wonder if it is possible to allow users to use their own chrome user profile. This way, if already logged in to google, the test creator would not need to do it again in the test trainer.

The only other solution I can think of is to enable webhooks to be used before/after a test training. And that the webhook would be able to add customized headers to that instance of the test. Seems a bit messy though :)

  • Jason Carty
  • Jun 22 2021
  • For Consideration
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  • Jessica Mosley commented
    14 Dec, 2021 05:21pm

    Would sending nesting an API test or flow before hand work?

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