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Ability to declare bool type on parameterized flow.variables, defaults, and overrides

As seen in the attached screenshot, a dev or QA has to input a string like 'yes/no' or 'true/false' or '0,1'. to override the default. It would be great if we had a boolean selector as a possible override. That way if the 'managed parameter' is assigned to a boolean type, instead of keying in the override word 'True' or 'False', a dropdown menu with True/False would be provide these options for the boolean a managed parameter that was declared to be a boolean.

Ultimately, this would prevent inconsistencies during test creation. Some of our QA and Devs are writing flows using Y/N, 0/1, Yes/No, yes/no, true/false, and a/b.

  • Jonathan Kuehling
  • Jun 9 2021
  • For Consideration
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