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Batch Editing Test Steps Between Flows

This is a huge feature request, but I think one that could be an enormous game changer for automation testers that are tasked with maintaining hundreds of similar tests in a suite.

What I would love to be able to do is select 10 different tests from a list, then from the Electron App dashboard, remove step 4 or step 5 or whatever from ALL of them with one button click. And then to be able to insert a specific flow between step 10 and 11 on all of them. Then maybe mute/disable a step 20 on each of them.

Use case:
I know that's what flows are for, but the issue is that as plans scale up, and new features are added to a project, you end up needing to inject flows between other flows. And there's times where you can't simply append a flow, because it'll break other tests that don't need the appended step.

A specific case - two days ago my company added an additional button click to get to the shopping cart in 3 different places. But on some screens it stayed the same. I put that button click in a single step flow, but I still have to go back and insert it on 30 broken tests.

Would the batch editing be pointless since not all steps match? In my opinion no. The reason is that a lot of new tests get created by duplicating tests that are already running and adding onto them. So a lot of the insertion points or deletions would be a common step number within the group of tests.

  • Jonathan Kuehling
  • May 9 2021
  • For Consideration
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  • Matt Elder commented
    13 Jul, 2021 08:26pm

    Could you take a common existing flow and add conditional statements to it?

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