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Access credentials through mablInputs.variables.user

Right now you can only specify 1 set of credentials to a plan. However, different tests within that plan may want to use different credentials to test different scenarios. As a workaround, we have to specify credentials (username/password) as text inputs rather than possibly referencing them as a variable using mablInputs.variables.user. This would be a more secure workflow to hide credentials.

  • justin kong
  • Feb 5 2021
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  • justin kong commented
    16 Feb, 2021 10:13pm

    Thanks for that suggestion Anton. That indeed is a possible solution but it also limits your test to having access to 1 set of credentials. What if your test needs 1+ set of credentials? Another possible solution is to use environment variables to store credentials but that may not be a good solution because different applications can share the same environment but may want to use different credentials.

  • Anton Hristov commented
    16 Feb, 2021 02:03am

    Thank you for the feedback. One possible solution to the stated problem is to allow for specifying credentials at the test level that override those cofigured at the plan-level. One limitation with this approach will be that you won't be able to run the same test across multiple environments that need separate credentials. Will this solution work for your use cases?

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