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Update or modify a mabl data table from within tests

As a tester I wish pass data/variables generated from one test to another. Right now, we are able to do this within a plan by using plan variables. However, if we need to re-run a variable dependent test by itself, it will not have access to the variable(s) to execute. (Ex: Test #1 = Create new an invoice > Test #2 = Update the new invoice. If Test #2 fails and we need to make modifications/re-run it by itself, we cannot. It is not always realistic to re-run the entire plan if there are lots of other tests in the plan, or there are a lot of tests sharing variables among themselves.)

To solve this, I would like individual tests to have the ability to write/update data fields in data tables. That way the variables will persist outside of individual plan runs and always be available for other tests to reference. This would allow tests dependent on variables generated from another test to be able to be run by themselves and outside a plan, if needed.

  • Chris Amos
  • Jan 15 2021
  • For Consideration
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