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"Rotating" browser selection in plan setup

As a tester, I would like to be able to set up plans in such a way that the plans are run in a rotating selection of browsers on each cloud execution, so that I can get coverage on multiple browsers as time goes on.

Our company would like the ability to run a plan multiple times on a schedule such that the first execution would run in (e.g.) Chrome, the second in Firefox, the third in Safari, and then back to Chrome. This would give us coverage in multiple browsers as time goes on without needing to run each plan against all browsers on each execution.

  • Dave Kiesel-Nield
  • Nov 9 2020
  • For Consideration
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  • Damon Paul commented
    9 Nov 08:33pm

    Hey Dave! I can see why you would want this kind of functionality. One thought here would be instead of using mabl's "Schedule" trigger, if your company has a CI/CD tool setup, you can trigger the tests from that and specify a browser override the plans should run in.

    Another thought would be to create multiple copies of the same plan and choose different browsers for each. The downside of this would be that you would need to add and remove tests from all 4 plans, but if the tests you want to do this with won't change much, it's a pretty good option.

    Thank you for submitting this idea and hopefully some of these potential alternative options will work for you :)

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