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Support test creation in ephemeral environment.

Test automation has two steps, namely:
1. Test creation
2. Test execution


Here, points 1-8 cover: step 1 which is Test Creation.
To create these tests need a separate instance of the application so that the tool captures elements, attributes and key values ​​to create scripts. This allows us to create, troubleshoot and maintain these tests.

Again with https://help.mabl.com/docs/mabl-best-practices, points 9-11 cover: step 2 which is test execution, and the tool needs a separate instance to run on.

(This link https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mabl.mabl-azure-devops-task covers step 2 which is test execution)

https://help.mabl.com/docs/continuous-testing-in-cicd#section-the-mabl-deployment-events-api As we are seeing reduction in the number of environments and also a shift from persistent test environments to ephemeral test environments it would be apt for Mabl to support test creation on ephemeral environments. Thank you. Regards, Kashyap NPS

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  • Aug 19 2020
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