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Link crawler improvement to better support dynamic apps

We use mabl to test a web app that loads content dynamically, sometimes after the page load event has been fired. The mabl support has informed us that the link crawler grabs all links on the page right after the page load event has fired. However, the test environments for the app are not very performant and critical links are being loaded asynchronously after the load event has fired and thus the mabl link crawler is not able to follow those links and misses check the rest of our the app for broken links. We would like the crawler to be improved to account for such async scenarios, if possible.

  • Dai Fujihara
  • Aug 10 2020
  • For Consideration
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  • Matt Elder commented
    28 Jul, 2021 11:14pm

    We are experiencing similar issues with the Link Crawler. We have a spinning "loader" icon that the crawler seems to believe is the intended page link target. Mabl then takes a screenshot of the spinning icon and does not capture the actual intended page. In addition the new page has its own links that should be crawled, and that cannot happen since the entire page never finishes loading.

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