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Enable bulk-mode setting of failure reason

As a QA engineer, I would like to have the ability to bulk change the failure reason of multiple test results. There are times when network issues cause - for example - dozens of tests to fail. Currently, I have to go inside each and every test result to verify and set the failure reason to Network issue. It would even be a big help if I could apply this on a plan run level.

It would be a big help even if this bulk operation was exposed via the command-line interface only.

  • Bertold Kolics
  • Jun 16 2020
  • Shipped
  • Sep 30, 2020

    Admin response

    You can now set failure reasons for multiple tests at once, either by setting a failure reason for all failing tests in a plan or deployment, or by selecting the specific tests you want to categorize from the Results page. Release notes

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  • Ali Mohamed commented
    25 Aug 09:13pm

    Its really tedious job to update failure reason for each failed testcase. It will be great to allow us to select multiple testcases and assign reason for failure. Also When test fail because of application issue or application change i dont see an option to add new list item in the failure list. We need ability to create custom list item

  • Jonathan Kuehling commented
    17 Jun 10:46pm

    Ah! I thought about the link agent, but wasn't quite sure. Yes... thank you for clarifying.

  • Bertold Kolics commented
    17 Jun 09:46pm

    Jonathan - there are customers that run their software under test behind a firewall. You need a link agent to execute them. If the link agent fails for some reason, then you have network related issues.

    Exposing bulk features from the command line is likely an easier implementation than exposing that in the web application. The command line already tells you if tests failed.

  • Jonathan Kuehling commented
    17 Jun 09:43pm

    I agree with the feature, but I'm confused about the bulk operation being executed from the command line only.

    Isn't the cloud where the network issues matter? And where where we would expect to encounter a network related issue which would interfere with a Mabl test? The Mabl tests that fail due to a network error are reported to the Mabl app. And if I see a test has failed, then view the test results, that means I'm already IN the Mabl app because that's the only place you can even do that from.

    So doesn't it make more sense to bulk-apply the failure reason to a PLAN, which would bulk-apply the failure reason to all tests ON the plan? I dunno. Maybe I've misunderstood what you meant by that.

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