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Assert against variable + constant in one step

It seems the mabl variables now do not allow duplicate names, which we think is a good feature. It can make the variable names more clear in every journey. However, it may lead to another problem. We have many test senarios which we need to verify the response message. ie:
In flow1, i need to verify "${variable1} is available".
In flow2, i need to verify "${variable2} is not available".
As currently the assertion does not suppot verifying variable + constant, what i did is to create another variable ${response_message}, and in flow1, i give the value "${variable1} is available" to this variable, then in flow2, i give a new value "${variable2} is not available" to this variable. In this case, i can do assertion in both flows using only one variable. But since now duplicate variables are not allowed, it seems not allow me to give new value to each variable in the same journey, it affects many of my journeys, and i have to update them. But i wonder if we can have the feature that in the assertion, the "variable + contstant" can be supported, in this case, we don't need to create the variable ${response_message}.
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  • Mar 29 2019
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  • Oct 10, 2019

    Admin Response

    You can now use variables to generate the validation string. For example, you can have the following template string "{{@myVariable}} is available". Release notes

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