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Drag and drop

As a QA engineer I want Mabl to support drag and dropping like in a kanban board so I can test these functionalities as well. 

  • Guest
  • Mar 29 2019
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  • Jessica Mosley commented
    10 Sep 19:11

    Current functionality allows for drag and drop but only one at a time. So you can select multiple steps but basically you can only bulk delete and nothing else. 


    Drag and drop functionality should work for:

    • All selected steps and/or items
    • Duplication of steps (ex. if I selected 5 steps, I should have the option to duplicate 5 steps, select the 5 steps and drag all 5 to the desired location keeping the same order. )

    Current one by one functionality is very tedious.

  • Dim Georgakopoulos commented
    08 Oct 13:42

    I believe that what Guest is referring to is actual drag and drop functionality of an element, so that this can be added as a Step within a Journey. 

    This does not seem to be supported currently, although it is a must have.

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