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Folders for tests/plans/files/data tables

As a QA Engineer, I want to be able to create folders for tests/plans/files/data tables and so on in order to group them by some logic.

  • Uliana Holub
  • Apr 6 2020
  • For Consideration
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  • Ali Mohamed commented
    1 Jul 03:56pm

    100% agree with this. Having ability to create folders and group your tests into it really makes it more usable and less clumsy.

  • Erick Underhill commented
    10 Jun 02:37pm

    The filter options within the Test View works well, but it would be great to have folders where you can group your tests into. We have a rather long list of tests with a few engineers working on the tests so it becomes harder to locate tests from the lists and you don't always know what to filter on.

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