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Improvements to daily email reports

Currently the daily email reports don't give much information to me about my runs. I would want there to be additional information included in a compact design possibly including:

  • Number of visual changes
  • Number of ML healed tests
  • Recent journey run history (i.e. Last 5 runs with failed or success?)
  • Number of broken links
  • My runs usage for the month (i.e. How many I've used, how many are left)
  • My company logo
  • Date of the report
  • Any new Mabl release notes


I've attached a basic mock-up of how the report could be broken down into Plans then Journeys.

  • Harry Wigman
  • Mar 20 2019
  • Shipped
  • Aug 22, 2019

    Admin Response

    Email reports now include metrics for most recent passing/failing journeys, test coverage, recent visual changes, recent JavaScript errors, deployments, recent checked/broken links, and created journeys within your plans. Release notes

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