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File Upload Workflow

Current Feature Reference

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Use Case

As a developer
I want to use a rename a previously uploaded file in my test
So that code can validate the file name, parse a date from it and then use it for associating the contents with a specific date

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What I Mean

Currently my app will use the date string in a file name to associated the file data with a specific date in time. This gives use a historical reference to data loaded day over day.

Since the app will only save data to the date specified in the file name each run of the test will only update the system with data for the original date the file was saved as.

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UX Thoughts


This option would bring little value to me since, assumingely, I would have to update a previously uploaded file name before running the test.


Same as using the CLI

Javascript Step

I could see this working for me since it could fit into the current flow of developing tests. The two steps created by the trainer that pull and re-upload the file from the mabl server seem like a good access point. Specifically the Set file input to "..." step.

Attaching the a "file" property of sorts to the mablInputs object would give me a nice access point. Maybe a list of "files" with a name and content property where I could update the file name before its uploaded would work. Something to be aware of would be that the trainer would see this as a new file and try to save it to the mabl server again. Adding a potentially 15MB file each test run would run storage low pretty quickly. If it's possible to change the file name in the context of the running test, then that would be ok I think.

As a bonus if the content was also available to be manipulated in the context of the test then I could have full control of the both name and data sent to the server to be processed.

Test Step Property

Having a GUI accessed property would be good too. I would just need to be able to interpolate a date from a javascript Date object, or something, into the file name.

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  • Mar 16 2020
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