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Unable to trim the values which are stored using element property

issue 1: Store a case id using element property, We will get the case id with braces ex: (1234) I unable to trim those braces to pass the value at another place.


issue2: I am not able to comment(example: in programming languages, we can comment code )  the steps which are not required for few scenarios


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  • Feb 25 2020
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  • Anton Hristov commented
    27 Feb, 2020 04:37pm

    For trimming values, it is best to use a JavaScript step. You can find JavaScript code snippet examples in GitHub and contact our support team via in-app chat for help as needed. There are many different cases for trimming/formatting values that we cannot easily implement as GUI-based functions in the mabl Trainer, but hope we can eventually add some common ones like "trim first/last N characters" so users don't have to resort to using JavaScript.

    As for your second request, it is similar to an already existing request that I recommend you follow for updates.

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