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Enable Flows (or API requests) to always run even if test fails

As a mabl user, I want to be able to configure specific flows (or at least API requests) to always run even if a test fails, so that our data cleanup flows are never skipped.


Use Case:

We have tests where a user makes a reservation, followed by cleanup flows (via API request) to delete the reservation. If the test fails before the cleanup flows, then the data doesn't get deleted and all subsequent test runs will fail due to duplicate reservations being made.

Having this feature in place would remove the hassle of having to manually clean up the data, so the tests can run properly again.

  • Joseph Luat
  • Feb 20 2020
  • Unlikely to Implement
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  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    26 Feb 08:50pm

    Hi Joseph, thanks for the clarification and sorry I marked this item as shipped initially. I updated the status to "Unlikely to implement" since we are trying to strike a balance between control, complexity, test design, and test plan design. If we get signal from other users that this request is needed, we will reconsider it but for now I don't see us working on it in foreseeable future (6-12 months) and thus, want to set the right expectations so that you and others can plan/act accordingly. Once again, thanks for your input. Keep it coming.

  • Joseph Luat commented
    25 Feb 09:09pm

    Thanks for the response, Anton, but it seems to me like what you shared is a workaround to my feature request. I want to be able to quickly configure my existing flows (or API requests) to always run if a test fails, like having a toggle switch to turn that functionality on or off. 

  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    22 Feb 03:01am

    Thanks for sharing your use case. You can achieve the desired outcome if you split the flows into separate tests and plan stages where one plan stage will be configured to always run as teardown. See the docs on plan stages for more info. 

    I will mark this requests as "shipped" since the functionality is already available at a plan stage level.

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