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Add Wait Until as action for Find Elements

As a QA Engineer, I want to have Wait Until as one of the Actions to be selected from the Find Elements function, so that I can easily specify which page object element is to be used for wait until steps.


Acceptance Criteria

  1. Add Wait Until as action selection in Find matching element(s)
  • Ian Oroceo
  • Jan 23 2020
  • For Consideration
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  • Mohit Choudhary commented
    7 Apr 11:27am

    Is there any progress made for this feature

  • Matt Elder commented
    3 Mar 05:52pm

    Just wanted to continue to upvote this idea.

    I currently have several "NEXT" buttons in a shopping cart order flow. Once all required fields are completed the NEXT button becomes enabled. Sometimes there is a delay so I'd love to be able to check the css and ensure it's enabled before I click on it.

    A static wait is currently working but of course is much less reliable since the page could for various reasons could have it's logic slowed and again start causing failures.

  • Mohit Choudhary commented
    9 Nov, 2021 01:54pm

    Really need this feature, this feature is the basic of any open source tool. Syncronisation is not at all possile without wait until, for the complex applications where we have alot of duplicate elements wauting for custom loators comes in handly.

  • Guest commented
    24 Sep, 2021 09:06pm

    I need to pick the first element in the grid with a certain status (status = "Completed"). The element gets the status after a while. The current Wait Until is limited in the sense that it will match the first element that is finds with the status rather than look for it separately, meaning, first element in the grid and then wait until the status turns to be "Completed".

  • Bhuvanesh Vijayan commented
    3 Jun, 2021 02:10pm

    yes this feature will help us to save lot of time in debugging due to false failure.

  • Mohit Choudhary commented
    3 Jun, 2021 01:52pm

    Please provide the feature, we are facing so many issues working with our application, as our application is full of duplicate elements, MABL is failing the tests, which is mostly false failures and waste time in debugging, we had reached may time through the In app chat and this ticket is the only way they can help.

  • Ali Mohamed commented
    1 Jul, 2020 03:46pm

    I also would like to have wait until time to be configured at global level instead of hardcoding time for each element. It should be implemented such that if timeout present for the element then use that value else use global timeout value.

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