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Allow for Dynamic Environments

We want to implement a SDLC that includes per-branch deploys to AWS where each developer's branch is deployed to a unique instance that can be tested in isolation.  In this use case we will have a URL like this:



Looking at the docs for the API and the CLI, I don't see a way to do this.  Environments seem to be the mechanism used to differentiate URLs for an application, but Environments must be configured before the tests can be ran and there is no way that I see to create an Environment programmatically.


What I would hope for is a scripted way to do this:

  1. Create Environment for dynamic URL created by CI scripts
  2. Trigger a test run on that new Environment
  3. Report internally on the results
  4. Delete the Environment created in #1
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  • Jan 22 2020
  • In Development
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    Anton Hristov commented
    23 Jan 02:03pm

    Thanks for sharing your use case. It is definitely possible to achieve what you want with the current mabl capabilities and I'm sorry the docs didn't make this clear. I am marking this as "In Development" until we update the docs and will contact you over email. In brief, you can create a single environment in mabl to be used for all deployed branches testing. You can assign any URL to that environment as the default one and then use the mabl CLI (mabl deployments create) to create a deployment event within mabl after the branch is deployed that overrides the environment URL. We have a similar setup at mabl where we use mabl to test mabl on every Pull Request or commit pushed to GitHub and deployed to an ephemeral environment that uses the first seven characters of the commit hash as the url.

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