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Redirect sign in page if the user exist

 I’m checking user role for my client who are considering to adopt testing service like a mabl.
I try to explain my opinion again.
  1. I (@dai) send invitation for other member (in this case @terumi.
  2. @terumi activated her account. Maybe the account created and assign to my workplace?
  3. @dai remove @terumi account from Settings. This means may remove it from my workspace so the account did not remove from mabl.
  4. Again @dai send invitation for her.
  5. @terumi receive email like “You’ve been invited to join a workspace!” and this mail include “Accept invitation” link.
  6. @terumi click the button and she can see this view “Welcome to mabl! Please create your user account to accept the invitation from Dai XXXXX.”
I wonder why she have to CREATE ACCOUNT again? Try to cerate it, mabl say “Your account already exist”.So my suggestion is if the email already exist in mabl user database, open “sign in” page if @terumi click “Accept invitation” link.
  • Dai Fujihara
  • Jan 10 2020
  • For Consideration
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