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Apply faillure reason to the plan level and/or multi-select to set reason for many

If a plan fails for "environment reasons" for example, it is a pain to go and add the reason for every single tests that failled in a plan. Adding a faillure reason at the plan level that would be copied in each tests of the plan would help saving a lot of time and even promote faillure reason usage by mabl users  (no need to load all tests just to add the reason they all failed if it's the same)

It would be even more complete if I had a drop down available for each item of the result lists directly  for both tests and plans.
Another option would be to have "multiple selection checkboxes" in the list to apply a reason to all selected items, tests or plans.

  • David Alexandre Belair Paulo
  • Jan 8 2020
  • For Consideration
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  • David Alexandre Belair Paulo commented
    13 Jan 08:33pm

    Adding the possibility to set a failure on de deployment level to propagate in each test included in the deployment would also be very interesting since all test may fail for a specific deployment if the environment is the cause

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