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Ability to lock or checkout flows

As a user, I want to have the ability to lock or checkout flows so that other user will not be able to overwrite the flow the I am updating.


I have several instances where the latest update in the flow  was overwritten by other users since they are the one who last updated their script which is using the flow that I am updating.

  • Mark Russel Cruz
  • Jan 2 2020
  • In Development
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  • Mark Russel Cruz commented
    23 Jan 07:56pm

    @Anton - I have discussed this to Thomas few weeks ago. I think he already covered everything regarding our questions and how we would like it to be implemented. Anyway, thank you for checking. 

  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    23 Jan 07:30pm

    We are working on a solution for this issue and will update this request when shipped. Let us know if you would like to give us feedback on the implementation design before we ship it.

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