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Mabl Mouse Hover Feature Currently won't allow user to control the hover element and perform action

As a user, I believe when ever an action like Mouse hover been done on any of the element over the page, User should have control on that element and perform an action like if a person hovers over the element with drop down populating on mouse hover, user should have control further to select an element from the drop down list, currently Mabl step for mouse hover just shows the hover step with no control from user end to perform further action after hovering the element , it is like hover step half utilized with Mabl unless a control to user have been provided. 

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  • Dec 16 2019
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  • Mayuri Garg commented
    10 Feb, 2020 09:46am

    It is required for our application also as there are many hover overs for which data/elements on them need to be verified.

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