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Add ability to close PDFs

As an automation engineer, I want the ability to close open PDFs, to be better able to manage VM resources.


I have been doing heavy testing of PDFs, and have noticed that tests consistently fail when PDFs are opened in sequence. The exact point of failure varies between runs and browsers - Chrome usually fails sometime after opening the 6th PDF, while Firefox usually makes it to the 9th. The failures are usually assertions, though sometimes they are context switches, and sometimes no reason is given. These failures do not occur when running the tests locally.


Given the data, I believe these issues are caused by memory resources on the VMs and the high memory footprint of PDFs (as well as Chrome's higher memory use relative to Firefox). Therefore, as a method to help manage these resources, Mabl should have a step to close an open PDF and so free up some memory.


I have tried a JS snippet of simply `window.close()`, but this causes the context switch steps to break.

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  • Nov 27 2019
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