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Successful re-run of a plan is considered as FAILED in Mabl-integration Jenkins plugin

As a QA/developer I want to see only final result of every plan.

We use Mabl-integration Jenkins plugin https://github.com/jenkinsci/mabl-integration-plugin and currently also FAILED rerun plans are considered in the final output in Mabl-integration plugin.

Re-run is triggered by previously FAILED plan, so that means, every time the re-run happens, final result is FAILED.


This is what is in the plugin output:

The final Plan states in mabl: 
Plan [plan-A] is SUCCESSFUL in state [succeeded]
Plan [plan-B] is SUCCESSFUL in state [succeeded]
Plan [plan-C] is FAILED in state [failed]
Plan [plan-C] is SUCCESSFUL in state [succeeded]
One or more plans were unsuccessful running in mabl.mabl journey execution step complete.

In this example it means that plan-A and plan-B were successful, but plan-C was unsuccessful first, but it was rerun and the second run was successful.

So the final result of this job should be SUCCESSFUL because all plans successfully finished.

  • Dalibor Klucka
  • Nov 7 2019
  • For Consideration
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