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[Deployment API] Ability to run Plans or Journeys based on their ID instead of label

As a QE, I want to be able to run specific plan or journeys by passing their ID in the deployment API, so that I can run a specific Plan or Journey.


Our team is building a Test On Demand Page for the POBA's and we use the deployment API to trigger the test and uses 

  • Ian Oroceo
  • Sep 25 2019
  • For Consideration
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  • Ian Oroceo commented
    25 Sep, 2019 08:14pm

    yes! that would be great also Geoff! :)
    I have a ton more of ideas also but those are just nice to haves for now :)

  • Geoff Cooney commented
    25 Sep, 2019 08:09pm

    Good news is we're very much moving in this direction.  The rest of the capability equal, would you prefer a "run tests" API that was disconnected from deployments? 

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