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Improvement on Adding Journeys during Plan Creation

Instead of the current way of adding journeys when in the Add New Plan screen (Add Journey > Type title), it would be better for its behavior to be like the Journeys page where I have the journeys on a list table so I can filter by label,etc. and just click the checkbox to select the journeys I want and clicking Add to Plan. This would eliminate the need to type almost the whole title - or at least a lot of words since I can't see the full names of my journeys when they are too long - especially when they are similar with each other.


Adding to that, if the popup (assuming it would be implemented this way) shows which are already selected for the plan, it would eliminate the possibility of adding journeys multiple times in the same plan.

  • Jo Philip Camiguing
  • Sep 19 2019
  • For Consideration
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