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Sequential journey runs within a plan

Allowing the use of only starting a second journey once the previous has completed would make testing our app immensely easier. 

  • Lewis Brotchie
  • Feb 7 2019
  • Shipped
  • Mar 28, 2019

    Admin Response

    You can now control the sequence in what journeys are executed by grouping them in stages. Journeys in a stage can be executed in sequence or in parallel with the option to designate a stage to always run in the end and clean up the testing environment. Read more

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  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    22 Feb, 2019 03:24pm

    We are working on a solution to this feature request and you can vote, subscribe or comment to get notified about further updates. Thank you for taking the time to share product feedback and requests with us.

  • Kjetil Gjelsten commented
    13 Feb, 2019 01:28pm

    For us this could be useful to verify and cancel hotel booking reservations after they have been placed in other journeys. We would then also need to have parameters/variables (e.g. order_referenceNumber) as input to the following journey.

  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    8 Feb, 2019 02:07pm

    Lewis, can you please describe the most common use case where this feature will be useful to your team?

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