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Plans and Deployments.

I would like to be able to add Plans to a deployment. When creating a deployment. I would like to add which Plans I want to test and which order. The order is very important to me as some of my tests require data to be there or not to be there.  Some Plans I have can be ran in Parallel some would have to be ran in Sequential order.  The reason Trigger on Deployment doesn't work for me is because some journeys test data manipulation in different ways. This forces me to run some test sequentially. If I could run them all in parallel stages I would, sadly this is not how my application will ever be used.

  • Brent Engelman
  • Sep 9 2019
  • For Consideration
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  • Brent Engelman commented
    September 09, 2019 18:24

    Sorry for the grammar error in screenshot.

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