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Filter adjustment on Visual Explorer

I would like to be able to set a time on the date picker. Currently I see a time but it appears to be dummy as it only shows the earliest possible time for the date selected. I wanted to check a certain time frame on the 22nd but nothing happen between the time frame of 22- Aug -19 12:00 AM to 22- Aug -19 12:00 AM. I have to choose 23- Aug -19 12:00 AM. I would prefer to be able to set a time frame on a date and get only the journeys during that time frame. 

 If you can't do that will be able to change so the to field read 22- Aug -19 11:59 PM. So you can select current day without having to select a future day.


I am working on a screen size visual test making sure certain items look a certain why when viewing at different view ports.

  • Brent Engelman
  • Aug 22 2019
  • For Consideration
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