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Turn off Auto-Healing

As we've run into several instances where an existing journey auto-healed, but that in itself either caused a problem, or hid a problem we wish we'd known about...  It'd be nice if we had the option to just turn auto-healing off on either a journey by journey basis, or at the plan.

  • Daniel Doss
  • Aug 20 2019
  • Unlikely to Implement
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  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    10 Oct, 2019 03:34am

    Auto-healing tests are a core premise of our vision for intelligent end-to-end testing. Thus, we are investing significant resources and engineering effort into making auto-healing something that just works for you and adapts your tests to changes in the application under test that don't change the underlying intent of the test. Over the past month, the team shipped the ability to see history for element selectors and revert back to one of those selectors. The team is also working on making mabl smarter about its dynamic wait times and the various element find strategies used to locate an element. The number of tracked attributes for an element will increase to more than 30 within the next two weeks. Giving you more visibility and control over element finds and auto-heals is something that the team is also exploring. If you have any specific feedback or challenges with your auto-healing tests, please let us know or submit a feature request. It is super exciting to see an auto-healed test that you didn't have to maintain! Especially when there was a detected visual change along with the auto-heal that you can see highlighted in a side-by-side view with the baseline screenshot.

  • Harry Wigman commented
    12 Sep, 2019 10:37am

    For me I feel Auto Healing is the core point of the product and so I wouldn't want to disable it. But sometimes it would be good to have tighter control over it.


    Currently mabl will run a test and if it encounters an issue it will try to auto heal it's self. Perhaps requiring manual approval before continuing the journey would be better suited. 

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