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Association of Tests to Datatable

As a QA Engineer, I want the relationship between a test and datatable to be retained even when I remove a data table so that it will be useful when I upload another datatable with the same name and different values.

Currently when I remove the datatable, the relation is not being retained and after uploading the file I need to manually link the test and datatable.

It would become quite tedious when we associate same datatable with multiple tests. Have to navigate to each test and associate datatable to it.

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  • Aug 19 2019
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    Anton Hristov commented
    31 Mar 06:25pm

    We reviewed this request once again and while we don't have yet any specific implementation plans, I would like to paraphrase the request and suggest a possible workaround that you may find helpful. I think that it is reasonable to expect that removing/deleting a datatable will also remove/delete the respective association with tests. To me, the core of the challenge here is having the ability to quickly associating tests, in bulk, to a datatable and vice versa. This something that cannot be done in bulk today and we will definitely consider it for implementation. If you have a datatable already associated with multiple tests but don't want to use that datatable for some time, you can try removing all but the first row of the table which will run just a single scenario. Later, you can copy and paste more scenarios from a spreadsheet.

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