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Better Error or Validation Notifications Through the mabl Application

When working through the mabl application, an issue will arise with how something is being done or is not allowed currently, etc. It is not always evident that there is a problem unless the user scrolls to the specific place in the application. 


For example: Within the creation of the plan or even the plan main screen if you choose a journey that can only run on Chrome or Firefox and the user is currently at the bottom of the page clicking save, it will just not save. There is no indicator that there was an issue. 


Options for notification:

  • Re-obtain focus the page to the are where the error is occurring
  • Turn the proceed or save button red with notification toast: "Please correct any errors above to continue."
  • Once the configuration is chosen that is not allowed prompt the user by highlighting the section and indicate the problem. (Ex. Journey can only be run as ....)
  • Float the error where the user is on the page with clear indication of the issue.


Just something I think that could make the program a little less headscratchy at times.

  • Jessica Mosley
  • Aug 14 2019
  • For Consideration
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