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Nested flows

As a test author, I want the ability to nest flows in other flows, so that I have finer granularity of abstraction and better flow reuse.

  • Lukas Linhart
  • Aug 8 2019
  • For Consideration
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  • Nathan Chilton commented
    13 Mar 16:13

    Nesting flows within flows would be a very useful feature. We currently do something similar in our Cucumber tests by having one step which calls a number of other steps that we've built for other scenarios. There are a lot of actions which it makes sense to define in their own specific "flows", but which would commonly be grouped together.

  • Adam Fahey commented
    02 Jan 14:07

    I am running into this issue now.  I need to have flows within flows.  Instead now I have to run more tests cases to reach all flows individually. Allowing Nesting would be a great improvement. 

  • Sander Stevens commented
    November 26, 2019 12:47

    Yes, that would help! 

  • Harry Wigman commented
    September 10, 2019 13:43

    This would be a big help for us. It would simplify a lot of our journey's.

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