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Parameterized flows

As a test author, I want the option of variables used in a flow to be passed to it as parameters, so that I can use the same flow with different input multiple times without having to declare/mutate the input variables in a previous steps (and polutle the global namespace for no apparent reason in the process).

  • Lukas Linhart
  • Aug 8 2019
  • Shipped
  • Apr 21, 2020

    Admin Response

    You can now use parameters for flows which is similar to how functions in a programing language work. Flow parameters are variables that are scoped to the flow and they can be overridden for each instance of the flow as desired. Release notes

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  • Dan Belcher commented
    2 Jan 04:39pm

    Hi Troy, we don't have a specific date for availability but this is likely the top priority for one of our teams that is kicking off a sprint next week.

  • Troy Carter commented
    2 Jan 04:09pm

    Any idea if/when this (or similar ML-I-271) might be implemented? I need to determine whether we need to rethink our implementation approach. Thanks.

  • Sander Stevens commented
    26 Nov, 2019 12:48pm

    In modern OO programming / testing this is a must.

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