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Overriding Credentials with Arbitrary user_name / password in deployment events API

As a software developer, I want to supply the deployment events API with arbitrary value to populate the app.defaults.password and app.defaults.user_name parameters


Currently the deployment events API allows the user to override the plans URL. This is an extremely useful feature that allows my team to run the test suite against any environment deployed in our staging area without maintaining multiple plans. For my particular use case, it would be equally useful for us to be able to pass a plan override value for the user_name and password as well. The body of the request might look something like:


I know you can override the credentials with another set of stored credentials, but this doesn't work for my use case.

  • Guest
  • Jul 24 2019
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  • Guest commented
    25 Jul, 2019 05:38pm

    That would absolutely be another very valuable use case for this, but primarily it would be to log in as a user that the tester has manually configured in the system. As stated, we could actually achieve this in the app by creating a bunch of "credentials" and overriding them at request time. It's just that this would require a ton of work and be very prone to error based on how users work in our system.

    Thanks for the consideration!



  • Anton Hristov commented
    25 Jul, 2019 05:29pm

    Thanks for the additional info, Justin. Just confirm, if you are able to pass any username and password via deployment events API, your tests will use those credentials to first create a new user and then authenticate as that user, correct?

  • Guest commented
    25 Jul, 2019 02:45pm

    Unfortunately it will not.

    In my use case, we have an unlimited number of possible values for user possibilities. Staging environments can be spun up dynamically, but they share a common database. The feature I'm requesting will allow my users to configure their unique user anyway they want and then run the suite of tests against that user.

    The only work around I can think of is to create a set of credentials for every user on the team (over 50 people), these would be difficult to manage and could still be restrictive in cases where the user would want to set up a brand new user. They would have to create a set of credentials for that user every time adding to the total number we have to manage and search through for each journey. Since you're referencing the stored credentials with an ID, it will also mandate that the user go into the API builder to construct the test every time as opposed to just swapping out the values in postman and passing a new request.

    Ultimately, I'd love to see major extensions to the UI that would allow for any parameter to be overridden at run time, this would vastly improve the usability of the product in my opinion.


  • Anton Hristov commented
    24 Jul, 2019 08:56pm

    Would using random environment variables meet your needs?

    As long as each environment defines the same variables, you can just overwrite the environment on deployment event and mabl will use the values from the respective environment variables.

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