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Counter based Variable

I would like to have a variable that counts. I need the number to go by various increments including 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's.

  • Brent Engelman
  • Jun 27 2019
  • For Consideration
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  • Bertold Kolics commented
    03 Jul 16:03

    How would you like this to work? Would the variable increment every time a test step references it? Have you tried implementing this using a JavaScript snippet?

  • Brent Engelman commented
    08 Jul 13:25

    You would select your Counter Template like String or javascript.

    You would choose your pattern based similarly to Sting by typing {{digit:X,Y}} X= Base and Y = Counter.

    The pattern would show based on you choices. If I choosed 0 as my Base and 5 as my Count, I would start at 0 then add 5 to it. My first count would be 0. My second would be 0+5=5. Third would be 5+5=10. This would repeat as long as I calling the same variable.

    If possible {{alpha:A}} or {{alpha:a}} notice no counter. It would just go though alphabet with upper or lower case. It would start on what ever Base is shown.

  • Admin
    Anton Hristov commented
    08 Jul 14:00

    Brent, thank you for illustrating your thoughts on this request. Can you also please describe the use case that this feature would help you address?

  • Brent Engelman commented
    08 Jul 14:08

    The use is when we add charges they start off with charge 1 I would like to be able to confirm that it is adding the correct number and renumber the charges into the correct position. 

    Another use case is our Setting Control when relist I would like to make sure each entry is in there. As it goes though the screen it should be able to make sure there is the number request. 

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