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Notification controls

As a workspace owner I would like more control over mabl notifications - how and when they are sent.

1. I want to be able to set the default notification scheme for my workspace (which individual users can overwrite if they wish)

2. It would be useful to be able to customize notifications at the plan level. For most plans I’d like to know immediately whenever there is a journey failure (ASAP). For some plan failures and for most (probably all) successful plan runs I am happy to see notifications in a periodic synopsis. For journeys or plans which I am training/troubleshooting/developing it would be useful if I could disable notifications entirely so that my team mates don’t get spammed with things they don't need to pay attention to. 
Edit: so it turns out this is already possible and I've never noticed the report settings on the plan screen before.

  • Matthew Nagel
  • Jun 6 2019
  • For Consideration
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