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Allow users to click through test result steps using up/down arrow keys


When you are reviewing the results of a completed Mabl test, currently you can only cycle through the test steps by clicking each step individually. This can be relatively inefficient and tedious for longer tests. Currently, when you click on a test step and the click the up/down arrow keys, the Mabl app scrolls up/down.


As a Mabl User, I want to cycle through my completed test result steps using the up/down arrow keys rather than clicking each step with the mouse, so that I can review my test results more efficiently.

Intended Behavior

GIVEN you are viewing the results of a completed Mabl test, WHEN you have clicked on a step of the test, THEN you should be able to navigate up & down the list of test steps by clicking the up/down arrows.

  • Jordan O'Hara
  • Jun 15 2022
  • For Consideration
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