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Export downloads from execution results

We use mabl for some RPA/automation cases when we don't have APIs for a web application.

We would like the ability to access a file downloaded by mabl via API so we can integrate with it as part of a larger workflow automation.

Example: mabl logs into web app > navigates to page > clicks download icon > saves downloaded file > sends file to an API endpoint OR post-run webhook notifies integration system that cloud run is complete > automation tool calls Execution Results API > gets file.

These files are typically small and dealing with files is no fun / gets expensive in terms of storage, so the MVP for this can require certain flags are set in the test run, and plenty of limitations on file size, data retention, timeout etc. but the ability to get them via API somehow would add a lot more value to mabl for us.

  • Eric Hansen
  • May 13 2022
  • For Consideration
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