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Comment Out Steps

When creating tests I typically create more steps then necessary but later find I needed that step for my test to work properly. This more evident with recording hovers. I find that a deleted the wrong one. If I could comment out the step, then I could find the hovers that were not necessary without losing the important ones. I find the same is true with waits due to page loads. I want to reduce the them. If I save and run the steps now I have to delete then add back if my test fails. With Comment Outs I could comment step out save, test and verify the step is not necessary without having to retrain.

  • Brent Engelman
  • May 17 2019
  • In Development
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  • Jonathan Kuehling commented
    23 Jul 03:19pm

    I would call this 'mute step' or 'disable step' - as I think the annotations and echo headers serve the purpose of 'comments' per se.

    I like this request though - maybe consider using the check-box selector in the trainer to mute multiple steps? I'd also love the ability to deactivate entire flows, if conditional blocks, and all comments between one echo header and another.

    ...when implementing this, keep in mind, the purpose of this is for experimentation during test creation. Disabling then re-enabling quickly, AND being able to SEE the muted step at all times is super important. Even if a step was muted/disabled, it would still help to be able to see the pencil icon to 'show additional step info'.

  • Erick Underhill commented
    23 Jul 12:53pm

    Would be a great feature! What I've seen in other Test Automation Tools that I've used in the past is an option to Disable Step. This way the automation engineer could disable certain steps, which the mabl trainer and "executor" will ignore. Please work your magic on this feature, mabl superstars!!! :)

  • ali mohamed commented
    9 Apr 08:16pm

    This is must feature

  • Gerald Habal commented
    21 Jan 03:58pm

    hope this get implemented soon. this will be helpful for us in our automation scripting

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